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About DH&CO


We help clients successfully internationalize, expanding their reach to extract more value from their markets.

Return on investment for our clients is our primary goal. And we know this can only be achieved when our work draws on our experience, know-how and international network of experts.

Our History


1989 - 2023


The first DH company was founded in 1989. The business was born thanks to clients asking for advice on how to grow the quality and number of their customers in their home and international markets. Our consulting teams were built in their early days by combining DH's knowledge with her network of in-market and talented experts. Clients particularly valued the specific know-how of these Associates, creating the successful formula still used by DH&CO ADVISORS today: a carefully chosen mix of consulting experience driven by the goals, strategies and cultures of our loyal clients. Three decades later, we're an even more successful business with expert marketing and business development specialists advising entrepreneurs and business leaders across various industries.




Our Expertise


Our expertise – your advantage!

As a full-service provider, we support you in all phases, from planning to the market launch of your product or service. We also assist you with know-how and the necessary resource for developing your business. 



Our Commitment


We believe that our company can be about more than just the profits it makes and that we can be a powerful force for good by doing things the right way. 

By developing your strengths, valuing your unique perspectives and enabling you to make a difference in your success, we'll help you to fulfil your potential. 

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